“A peace of mind that your investment is being cared for correctly by a professional company.”

Owning a holiday, or second home in North Cyprus should be a dream come true, and the Carrington Property Management team here in Cyprus would like to help make that dream problem-free.

We are a family business and take great satisfaction in offering ‘the personal touch’, so often lacking with other companies. We have a small team of conscientious, trustworthy, and dedicated staff whose aim it is to ensure the security and cleanliness of your home and make sure the comfort of our owners & their guests is our top priority.

We guarantee your investment will receive the best possible care and attention, you can be assured that your home is secure and in safe hands and that if rented, your guests leave with the utmost praise for both your property and our services.

If you have found the ideal new home but need help to have it renovated, landscaped, or decorated to your wishes and needs, our team will help with builders, architects, landscapers, and interior designers that have earned our trust for quality and value over many years.

We can also liaise on your behalf and manage such projects to ensure they are completed to the brief, to the deadline, and to budget – combining a creative, personalized design and project management service with an approach that sets very high standards on delivering quality, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions to your requirements.

For all our own properties that are decorated, we use only the best Interior Designers the same as above. We only use and recommend the best.

Carrington Group understand the importance of customer care and reassuring after sales services. We have an experienced property maintenance section, management team, pool technicians, rentals department and property sales section.

Carrington’s straightforward and helpful approach to all North Cyprus property sales and construction ensures our clients receive total peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction with your choice of North Cyprus property. Of all the wonderful and stunning North Cyprus villas for sale, you will be sure to find the best examples of luxury accommodation in beautiful surroundings here on our website.

With our expertise and local knowledge we are the perfect partners for all building projects. When you want to that special villa in the perfect location, we can help. From finding the best plot, engaging an architect to the construction, Carrington Group is your perfect partner. We can save you time and money and make your dream home become a reality.

For those lucky enough to have a private swimming pool, cleaning and maintaining it is an essential part of property ownership. Due to the hot weather here in Cyprus, a pool that is not regularly maintained and chemically treated can quickly lead to the growth of bacteria, causing infections – especially in children.

Any owner renting their property should be aware that cutting corners and avoiding paying for this essential service can result in claims being made against them. All our pools are individually priced on a yearly basis and include all chemicals.

The pool contract consists of twice weekly pool cleaning during May to September, and weekly visit during the October to April.Chemical levels will be closely monitored, the pool will be cleared of all floating debris, and the water will be left crystal clear for enjoyable and safe swimming. Our experienced pool maintenance team will usually be in and out within an hour, causing the minimum inconvenience to either yourselves or your guests.

Carrington Group works closely with only the most distinguished legal and financial firms in North Cyprus. These relationships are most valuable and useful during the purchasing process, when an efficient, professional service can ensure that buying a property in North Cyprus is an easy and transparent experience within a familiar and secure legal framework (North Cyprus law is based on the UK model).

All the various procedures and costs are explained in a clear and unambiguous language you understand. We offer advice and administrative support when dealing with the payment of taxes and purchasing costs, the completion of payment and signing of the title deeds and the recording of your ownership of the home at the property registry. We proudly take care of you every step of the way.

Renovating an existing or older property in a top location with lots of charm and possibilities is a great way of creating a truly special home with lots of added value and investment potential.

However, it requires a certain degree of skill and experience to ensure such a project remains within budget and time schedule, or much of the capital appreciated through the modernising and upgrading of the home can be lost due to mounting costs.

Over the years we have become experts in managing this process on behalf of our clients, providing a turnkey project management service that is efficient, transparent and fully accountable to you through regular updates and reports – and ultimately, through the quality of the finished product!

Despite its international isolation, North Cyprus has been showing steady growth since 1977; today it is considered one of the best returning markets in the Mediterranean, with a lot of international investment in land and development from Turkey, The Middle East and Europe.

North Cyprus’ free market economy, its British business and legal practices make it an ideal place for foreign investors who want to place their money in an up-and-coming market that is familiar to them on several levels.

The government of North Cyprus has recognised the importance of attracting foreign interest and investment hence they have begun pushing the development of its tourist sector and it has also been investing heavily in improving the country’s infrastructure.

The government has additionally started to develop resort towns similar to those found on the south side of the island. Now that the United Nations has pledged to reconcile both sides of the island the European Union has pledged € 259 million in aid to attract direct foreign investment. Investing in North Cyprus is one of the best ways of ensuring high rates of return for your investments. The island’s low cost of living relative to EU countries, its booming property market and burgeoning tourist towns all point to a nation that is a solid place to invest for both the short, medium and long term. After all with its unspoiled beauty and exceptional location investors can truly enjoy watching their money grow.

So whether you are looking to invest in a small number of units or a major project, we can guarantee you the best independent advice to make sure that you get the best capital returns from your investment in Northern Cyprus.

Opportunities for investing include

  • Buying land – Carrington have access to a lot of local knowledge and are aware of all the best plots of land that are for sale.
  • Buying property – Carrington sites have all sold on initial release and many resales have been made and our properties have earned on average 30% profit.
  • Buying for the rental market – there are many opportunities for renting for the holiday market and also long term lets. There are 11 universities in North Cyprus and most of the students are from abroad and in need of accommodation. Most student rentals are long term and paid in advance.
  • Larger projects – there are many opportunities for large scale developments like hotels, resorts and retirement homes. Carrington’s are very well placed to consult on such projects. We can also do this type of project as a joint venture.
  • Cash Investment – we can advise on the best available options for cash investments. Interest rates are good here but there are many other options for capital growth on cash investments. We are very knowledgeable in the local investments opportunities and endeavour to find the best options for our clients.

Joint Ventures and Investments with Carrington

A joint venture is a strategic alliance where two or more parties, usually businesses, form a partnership to share markets, intellectual property, assets, knowledge, and, of course more importantly, profits. Joint ventures are an excellent way of expanding business influence and creating a more powerful market presence.

Carrington can offer many investment ideas & opportunities. Our company has vast experience in the Property Market of North Cyprus and knows exactly what works and more importantly what doesn’t.

Carrington is a well-established company with a proven track record for quality, honesty, reliability and above all success. Our reputation is exemplary, an ideal partner for investment in North Cyprus.