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Recent Awards


Sea Magic A3-10

We have been a Carrington customer for more than 5 years and we are very pleased to serve you. We have always been professional since the beginning of the "relationship" and have received all the support we need from Mr. Şükrü Bey and his team. When we first arrived at Sea Magic, the apartment was just a bunch of concrete and sand, but we had a feeling that it was a reliable company. And we did not regret that we bought the A3-10 on the beach. Many things have changed over the years, but Carrington has always provided the best possible service, such as building a new patio by the pool or running the refrigerator before development. We love it here and hope to have more time here in the future. The goodness of all Carrington staff contributed to the development of our understanding of hospitality in Northern Cyprus.

- Lillemor and Carl Goran Larsson, Sweden

Sea Magic Park

In September, 2012, we came to Stockholm to exhibit "Moving Abroad" in Stockholm. We had never thought of Cyprus, but we thought it might be nice to visit Sea Magic just to look at it because we had a holiday in the Fig Tree Gulf. Not buying! What happened? We felt like we were at home, and we had a loft in Sea Magic Park. The service and impression of the staff is excellent and they are always making trades from their hands. Asım bey was very impressed when he showed us how the waste water was processed and used to irrigate the plants. Good environment thinking! We look forward to spending more time at Sea Magic Park.

- Catarina & Sven , Sweden

Sea Magic Park

First I bought a Carrington property in 2007. The project was not finished in Sea Magic. I visited the site with a Carrington director and liked what I heard and saw. I have property in Spain and the UK, so I have some experience in property. I have since taken over from other Carrington properties and made a good profit from my sale and investment, and here I am enjoying the wonderful tastes. Based on my experiences over the last six years, I trust Carrington and I am excited to have my apartments at Sea Magic Park. I can not wait to finish Sea Magic Park.

- Chris Irving , UK

Lapis and Sea Magic Park

I and my colleagues consortium initially bought 2 villas and 2 apartments in a close environment. But when our entrepreneur went bankrupt and left us with our investments and badly built properties, we asked Carrington for help. They have immediately made the necessary corrective and restorative work and have been continuing to successfully manage and maintain our property professionally for many years. Now our property is in perfect condition and developed in many directions. We are grateful that Alison in the rental department continues to keep our villas filled with happy tenants throughout the year. I was very impressed with Carrington's services, so when I was invited to invest in Sea Magic Park for new ventures, I missed that chance. I am proud to have stunning seaside villas at Sea Magic Park, which are now successfully built and designed according to their own specifications. I am really happy with the results and especially thanks to Asım bey, Turgut bey and Safiye lady for all the efforts of creating and looking at the dream home. I do not hesitate to recommend Carrington to others.

- Sverre Sejersted , Norway

Sea Magic

Me and my wife came together for the first time in February 2009 with Şükrü bey and his team. All the words given in terms of quality and service are 100%. We are happy to have an apartment in Sea Magic. It's very simple to solve the problem. Just go to the office and have a friendly smile and respect for the staff. We spend about 4 months a year on the site. So we see and hear so much. Many of our neighbors share the same view with us, Bilirim. In the future to meet.

- Lasse Perrson , Sweden

Sea Magic Park

We got the support we expected from Caring Beauty and Spa entrepreneurs in the Sea Magic area. The whole staff really helped us to get everything we needed to get started. Thank you for helping us get started at Caring Beauty and Spa. Our respect.

- Maggan & Tina , Sweden

Sea Magic B15-17

In 2007 I came to North Cyprus for work. I met Carrington and I liked the climate and the new project, Sea Magic. I stayed a week and bought my flat without my wife and children before returning to the Netherlands. I was surprised when I told them, but a few months later their first visit convinced them and they fell in love with the island and the Sea Magic project. Our apartment is finished in 2009 and we use it every holiday. We have many of our children and our friends here and we feel like home. Sea Magic is like a village where everyone knows each other. Carrington's Sea Magic care is very impressive and the team is always very helpful. Thanks to Mr. Şükrü and his team, our sunny dream home is real and we enjoy every minute of it.

- Erik, Monique, Oliver, Phelise, Amand and Julie Remijn, Holland

Sea Magic & Sea Magic Park

We bought our first property in North Cyprus in 2008 and moved to our house in Sea Magic in June 2009. We bought the second house as an incomplete loft at Sea Magic Park, which we moved last summer. We are very pleased with Carrington as a construction company and thank you for offering their after sales service. We use many services in property management and site maintenance, bill payments, insurance, car rentals, transfers, cleaning services, and improvements and repairs to our property. It's great to do everything in one place! The Carrington staff is service-oriented and helpful and we are quite addicted to them as Cypriot parents. Sea Magic and Sea Magic Park are two of the best holiday villages in North Cyprus and we recommend Carrington to other property buyers and investors.

- Gunn Eidhamar & Kim Müller , Norway

Sea Magic Park & Sea Magic Park Premium

When we arrived in northern Cyprus in November of last year, we had no intention of buying real estate. But we decided to buy a penthouse from the Carrington Group. The area is specious for the development of Sea Magic Park and the management of the Carrington Group. We were not disappointed. It was quick to solve the problems. We are pleased with the result, and as with other property owners in Sea Magic Park, we think that the project developer is determined and ambitious in providing customer satisfaction. This is an important issue for Scandinavian customers. We continued to invest in Carrington Group based on high confidence. The Sea Magic Premium project will build us a 220 square meter bungalow, including a swimming pool. We are quite free on the house floor and hope to incorporate state-of-the-art heat pumps and solar panels to bring the house into self-sufficiency in terms of energy. We hope - when the project is over next year - this building will set an example for future homes.

- Lars Haugli , Norway

Sunset Valley

I am the owner of the Morlais 10 villas in Bahceli and for several years I have had a say in property management, pool management and rental management in Carrington properties. The company has always done a good job and I will always give them the best references. We have done many other property works with Carrington for many years and I am very satisfied with our cooperation.

- Richard Elfström , Sweden