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Meet The Team


Chairman of the Board

Şükrü is responsible for all of the Carrington Group’s businesses but relies on his skilled team to be responsible for areas of their expertise. Sukru personally handles the company administration with regards to planning permissions; transfers of title deeds and all property related red tape. Sukru also controls and directs all Carrington Sales and travels across Europe to attend property exhibitions to market our products and cultivate our network of international agents.



Burcu is very much involved in the high level strategy and planning aspects of the business. Additionally she actively gets involved with sales and marketing and often is with Sukru when meeting new and existing clients. She also works within the government so handles any government and bureaucracy issues should they arise.



Hulya is responsible for the Finance and Accounting Department for all the companies within the Carrington Group. She is the Financial Controller and everything goes through Hulya’s desk for approval before any payments are made. Hulya is also responsible for the recording of all financial transactions and all money movements on a day to day basis and the final annual company reports.

Eser Metin SONAT


Eser is responsible for overseeing the Company’s operations and investment activity. He is responsible and accountable for the overall operation and management of Carrington Group. His role includes setting the Carrington’s overall strategic direction, priorities and monitor the performance of the company. Moreover, he is resposbile to guide, direct and lead the Executive Management Team and directly reports to Board of Directors. Eser most recently served as Co-Founder, Trustee and Director of Silver Birch Academy Trust in London. Earlier, Mr.Metin spent 10 years at Lasman Holdings, a global investment funds management company, serving in a variety of roles, including Regional Head of Investment (Chief Executive Officer) for Cyprus. Prior to this role, Mr.Metin held positions in real estate investment and marketing with Raisman and Keidar, an investment fund law firm based in Middle East. Prior to this, Mr.Metin also worked 8 years for United Nations (UNFICYP) and Ministry of Defence UK (MoD) in different roles. Mr.Metin received a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality from Eastern Mediterranean University, a double core MBA in Marketing and Sales from Girne American University. Mr.Metin Also as a member of the Executive Board for Epping Forest Chambers of Commerce, assisting the Chairman of the Chambers of Commerce to design and run the strategic Re-development of the Chambers (EFCC).


Özce Nasiboğlu




Office Manager

Alison is our office manager, who deals with the day to day running of the business. Alison is the first point of contact for customer enquiries. All property related emails go through Alison who prioritises and monitors the work flow for the office. Alison also heads up the property management division, supervising staff, organising schedules, and managing reservations for rentals, cars and airport transfers. She also liaises with the maintenance team to control maintenance jobs through to completion and submits extras for invoicing.

Murat PUL

Site Maintenance Manager

Murat carries out weekly property checks for 40+ villas, apartments and town houses for owners who have signed up to our Property Management service, reporting any problems immediately to the owners and informing the maintenance team of any action required. Murat’s positive and helpful attitude is a real asset as a property manager, often going that extra mile to help clients with requests that are sometimes above and beyond the terms of our service contract.


Property Manager

Marichu looks after 40+ of the apartments on our Sea Magic development. Based on site, Marichu is in an excellent position to provide a full service, not only to property management clients, but also to their families and rental guests during their stays. Marichu is also responsible, in co-operation with the gardeners and maintenance team, for the up-keep of the site, ensuring that all outdoor lights are working and that stairwells and all other communal areas are kept clean and tidy. She reports monthly to property management owners and keeps them up to date with any necessary maintenance work, as well as helping them with individual requests.

Karen Richards

Property Manager


Propety Supervisor


Laundry & Cleaning Coordinator


Site Maintenance


Swimming Pool Maintenance

Hasan is responsible for all pool maintenance, and the yearly servicing of pumping equipment. He looks after the communal swimming pools at Deniz Sihir, Marina View and The Residence, as well as 50+ other private swimming pools. Hasan’s sterling reputation has meant that our portfolio of clients is rapidly growing in this area of the business, with a large number of non-Carrington clients also coming to us for this service. Yusuf has been brought in as Hasan’s assistant, due to the number of pools we now look after.



Head Engineer



Asim is a qualified Architect. He is responsible for all internal and external property maintenance works for Carrington. We get many requests now for painting, insulation works, construction and many other jobs on non-Carrington properties. Asim is responsible for understanding the customer’s requirements and providing quotes and work descriptions for our builders and workmen to follow. It is also his responsibility to follow the job from start to finish. Probably Asim’s most important role is Quality Control. He makes regular site visits to inspect the work and ensure that the highest quality standards are being maintained.




Architect and Interior Designer


Mustafa ABANOZ

Sales Manager

Mustafa heads up our sales team and his primary role is to recruit and look after prospective clients and help them find their dream home in North Cyprus. His role also involves working with our network of international agents to ensure that everything that can be done to aid the sale is done.




IT Manager

Eddie manages and maintains our growing number of websites and social media presence from updates about our properties to information about the weather and anything else our clients may want to hear about. Additionally Eddie carries out an important information and sales support role which includes working with our designers in the preparation of brochures and other marketing materials.

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Lydmyla ERDİK

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